Life's Little Lessons

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Life's Little Lessons

Improve Your Life One Lesson At a Time

As a Life Coach, I am dedicated to helping you (and your clients if you are a coach), improve your life - one step at a time by sharing knowledge, thoughts, and wisdom. Each lesson consists of one concise and meaningful topic.

When applying the "Invitation to Experiment" at the end of each lesson, my hope is that you will make it practical and notice an immediate, appreciated change.

Download FIVE samples here and then follow the link below for the full AUDIOBOOK to see all 100+ lessons.
audio + transcripts

Download FIVE "Life's Little Lessons"

Download FIVE "Life's Little Lessons"


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Life's Little Lessons Audiobook

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--Over 100 short, succinct Life's Little Lessons to improve your life one lesson at a time.

--Over 11 hours of audio in short 4-8 minute lessons.

--You have the option of getting only one or two categories.