Mentor Coaching
with Marion Franklin, MCC & Nina East, IACF–CC

Coach Camps

Plugging the holes in coach training 


Most coach training programs do a fairly good job of teaching you information about coaching.

What they don't do a good job with is actually helping you master the art of coaching – in other words, they don't help you become a masterful coach.

What's missing?

Most coach training programs leave out one of the most essential pieces of coach training – 

concentrated, purposeful, and effective mentoring and supervision

That's where Coach Camps comes in…

…plugging the holes in your coach training!

Imagine…you are sitting with 2 powerful mentor coaches, listening to and absorbing everything they share…

Hover and listen, learning vicariously, via on–the–spot feedback for 5 days of real–time coaching.

Observe 5 powerful supervision sessions…learning all the secrets and insights to revolutionize your coaching.

Experience Coach Camps by absorbing the 5 critical training classes and observing the masterful demonstration of each coaching principle following the lesson.

Do you find it challenging to:

Coach Campsattract clients?
Coach Campsretain clients?
Coach Campsask for money?
Coach Campshandle new, unanticipated client situations?
Coach Campsstay within the assigned coaching time?
Coach Campsreach the client at a core level?
Coach Campszero in on what's really most important?
Coach Campsfeel completely confident about your coaching ability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's probably because your

coach training program did not adequately prepare you for real–time coaching.

They should have, but we know most of them don't. 

They teach you about coaching, not HOW TO coach in the real world
Rarely do you get to hear a masterful coach demonstrating masterful coaching…so you just have to imagine what coaching should really sound like.

Plus, most coach training programs don't have much structure when it comes to the actual coaching.
They tell you to "just go out there and start coaching" before you really know what coaching feels like, looks like, or sounds like.

Coach Camps plugs this hole by providing examples of real–time coaching experience with hands–on guidance – feedback in–the–moment – from two of the most respected mentor coaches in the coaching industry. 

Not only will you increase your ability to model excellence, giving you an edge up

You will also learn how to form deeper, longer term relationships with your clients, so you can spend more of your time coaching, and less of your time marketing and selling! 

As a Coach Camper, you learn:

"I landed corporate client and was feeling rusty so I was looking for refresher.

It was totally more than I ever expected – not exaggerating – it was the best investment in terms of money and time that I ever spent on coach training. It was intensive but not overwhelming – they encapsulated all of the key components of the coaching process.

Now I’m going to the corporate client with a lot more confidence."

Jennifer Quade, Coach Camps participant 

"Marion and Nina – thank you so much for a very powerful class!
I certainly have a lot to take away from this session!

First, as I said on the call, the practice of using reflective listening every day is such a shift for me, because rather than using it to "practice coaching" on people around me, I see it more as a "safe" way of practicing just that simple skill without feeling a need to perform as a coach. And if it helps people to feel more deeply heard, then that is truly a valuable skill for life.

Secondly, that "most important question" you gave us – I love this one because there are 2 levels to it. One on the level that the person is (maybe) unconsciously needing to reveal something deeper but also there's another level of why I may be needing to hear it. As you said, it's likely to be bringing up something we need to deal with ourselves.

Such a great start to the week! Can't wait for tomorrow!"

Chris Macklen, Coach Camps participant

How does it work?

Your virtual Summer Camp for Coaches consists of your Coach Camps Field Guide and 5 digital audio recordings to download and listen to at your own pace (7 and a half hours of powerful training).

In each 90–minute session, you will hear Marion Franklin, MCC and Nina East, IAC–CC demonstrate exactly how to handle real–time, real–live coaching situations.

You will be learning what great coaching is by hearing it – and by hearing it be dissected!

Each camp session consists of approximately 1/3 concrete solutions and case studies, 1/3 accelerated learning, and 1/3 real–time coaching with Marion and Nina supervising and mentoring the whole way.  

What will you hear at camp each day?
Each morning you'll get up at dawn for calisthenics.    
Oh, wait….that would be bootcamp, not COACH CAMP!   

A lot of people are offering "bootcamps" these days, but we realized we didn't like the metaphor.
Bootcamp, of course, is designed to tear you down before building you back up.
And that's not what coach training should ever be about!

COACH CAMP is nothing like that!

Coach Camp is much more fun and more powerful!
At Coach Camp we build you up from the beginning, with the right building blocks and the right mentoring. Instead of feeling less secure, you will be significantly more confident and aware! 

You  will do some things that will stretch you, though…     rafting

"WOW, what a powerful fun afternoon that was. Going to camp as an adult is such a novel refreshing idea…thanks for putting this together.

The "most important question" you taught us is profound and so awakening for me. I tend to go ahead and want to give advice, even though in my mind I know that's not what I should be doing. This week is a 'shift' for myself so that I can remember to address the emotion and not just come up with solutions. 

Thanks again for providing this wonderful week!" 
Lois Galloway, Professional Coach, Coach Camps participant

"As the week has gone on and after I’m done, I re–listen and hear it a little differently the 2nd time. And I have seen in each client call I’ve had how I’m shifting with each client shift.  It’s interesting; it’s been really easy to see. I felt it because now I’m aware of it, and I wasn’t before camp started.

It has given me a whole new set of tools, and it has given me a whole new way of looking at it, and a whole bunch of things to allow myself to tune into that I hadn’t before.

Many of the tools are the same, the focus is different, and the feeling is different. Does that make sense?

Patti Woodson, Coach Camps participant

"Hi Nina. I listened to the call you made with Marion to allow people to experience masterful mentor coaching. Very nicely done! My epiphany was that I frequently end up working on surface issues and don't dig below the surface. 

Now I now I'll do it more often by listening to my curious side and "wonder what's going on for you about that" with the person. Pretty impressive that you all could coach me without me even being physically present! The recording was great! – a great example of "passive" coaching!"

Chris Trebuchet, CEO, Trebuchet Group International

"I purchased and have listened to all seven hours of the coach camp audio and it was more helpful than my semester of classes put together--I'm not kidding!

Elizabeth Patterson Coons, Life Coach


Here's what to expect each day in your self–guided camp.

Day 1: The HeART of Listening: building deeper, more trusting relationships
The key to great coaching lies in great listening, building trust, and developing exceptional rapport. There is an art to inquiry using building blocks within the listening stages. In this session, you begin to become proficient in interpreting and connecting with clients even when they are not articulate. Coaches become confident and secure by developing astute, open, genuine, and non–judgmental listening skills. 


Day 2: Intuition – Using your intuition: choosing wisely
Masterful coaches use their gut to their best advantage. Not only do they recognize and pay attention to their intuition, they act on it appropriately. But how do they tell the difference between intuition and just a lot of hot air? If you don't come by it naturally, you have to develop and practice your intuition. In this day's activities, you learn how to recognize the internal and external clues of intuition, how to separate your own issues from intuition about the client, and how to develop client–focused intuition.


Day 3: Laser Coaching – target practice
Masterful coaches have to zero in on what's most important without wasting any time, but also without overpowering the client.

In Day 3, you learn: