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JUMP START Your Coaching
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Learn HOW to Coach

Learn how to coach – literally step–by–step... instead of learning about coaching methodology!


*For ICF ACSTH's or CEU's towards certification or renewal, ALSO click this link Laser Coach Intensive


How This Course is different From All of the Others

You can get information and demonstrations in many places, but only here do you really get the 'HOW TO' aspects of coaching. This includes:

  • 'how to' ask pertinent questions (not just examples)
  • 'how to' discern what you hear
  • 'how to' listen in a unique way
  • 'how to' structure a conversation without feeling fear of where to go next
  • 'how to' create permanent change (not temporary band–aid solutions)
    and most importantly
  • 'how to' REALLY understand people and help them move forward.

Only 6 people per group for a lot of individual attention.

It distinguishes itself from other programs because the lessons are taught through stories and real client examples, lots of VERY individualized attention, and emphasis is placed on producing permanent change. This is a substantial program with no fluff of any kind and coaches truly learn to coach with confidence even before the program is completed. This course continually pulls all of the learning together rather than the typical compartmentalized instruction. There are practice lessons built in that contain teaching while offering an opportunity for trying out coaching in a safe and supportive environment with immediate, relevant feedback.

"Marion's course offered me everything thing I needed to have the confidence, knowledge and will to start coaching. I was ambivalent about all the courses that were being offered because I wasn't sure if I could coach and if the approach of many of the coaching programs was in alignment with what I needed at the time.

"I was looking for a course that would offer a: small group setting, focus on personal coaching –– looking at the whole individual, an instructor who understood and practiced using the original coaching concepts while incorporating new and innovative principles of coaching as they are relevant and essential.

"The cost of the program was also very important to me and without question Marion's course was the most cost effective and biggest bang for my buck. If I had spent thousands on other courses, I don't believe I would have been any better prepared to be a coach."
Hope Surpris, Business and Personal Coach

This course will teach and guide you through the principles of good coaching. Along with the theory and skills training, there will be a practicum, a separate weekly session with a group where you will actually coach (under supervision) as well as discuss situations regarding current coaching clients.It will also include role–playing and case studies.

"I thought I was a pretty good communicator. Did I ever learn a lot in those teleclasses! 18 months, and dozens of coaching engagements later, and I still vividly recall the power of the exercises Marion introduced in those classes… exercises which I have begun to use in my own training and consulting engagements. Thank you, Marion!"
Michael Hamman, Agile coach and organizational development consultant


Coaching is designed for those who want to achieve results in their lives. The course will help you gain greater clarity and understanding of the structures at play that prohibit a client's growth and effectiveness. It follows the Structural Alignment™ method of coaching.

*Structural Alignment™ Aligning truth, vision, and purpose

"The small teleclass format gave me the individual attention I needed, I didn't feel lost in a sea of other callers. I can't believe that I actually started coaching my first clients within the first several weeks of your course." P.C.

Goals of the course

  • Develop both competence and confidence in the role of a coach.
  • Establish a working relationship that explores and dissolves limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to assess and eliminate destructive thought patterns.
  • Learn a technology that looks at the nature of behavior.
  • Apply knowledge, skills, and tools to achieve superior results.

"Your BECOME a Coach program was an eye–opener. I learned solid skills on being a coach and all the in's and out's of starting a new coaching business… all in a matter of a few months. It is one of the most effective and intensive programs out on the marketplace. The ROI was completely worth it! Thank you, Marion! I owe it to you for giving me a jump start in my coaching and business training. You are the BEST!"
Sunny Wu

Outline of the 12–week program (Twice weekly) – You will learn the most important question to hold in your consciousness while coaching as well as:

  • How to uniquely listen to clients and let clients know they have been heard.
  • How to interpret what the client is saying/not saying.
  • How to keep from getting stuck in the details and to stay out of 'fix–it' mode.
  • How to monitor/handle what is going on in the coach's mind while coaching.
  • How to ask for permission to proceed.
  • How to reframe what the client is saying.
  • How to spot inconsistencies and patterns.
  • The art of asking thought–provoking questions.
  • The overall 'rules' and guidelines for good coaching.
  • The points to remember and be aware of when coaching.
  • What great coaches do so that their coaching is of the highest quality.
  • How to find the leverage point for creating shifts.
  • Learn about the different types of shifts/paradigms.
  • How to assess whether or not the client is coachable.
  • Learn about the defenses, threats, and strategies clients use/feel.
  • Learn about the different structural frameworks.
  • How to handle a shared belief between coach and client.
  • Learn about the ingredients for successful coaching.
  • Learn about clients' self–invalidations (understanding motives more fully).

Included: Clean Sweep Assessment; NeedLESS Program


The theory/skills course will meet once a week for 1 1/2 hours at a mutually agreeable time and the practicum will meet either 1-2:30, 5-6:30, or 8-9:30PM (EST) on Wednesdays. However, for the first several weeks, before being ready for the 'practice section,' both time slots will be skills and training and all of the meeting times will be determined by mutual agreement of the participants. Total time for the course = 42 hours.

NOTE: This course has been absorbed into the Laser Coaching Intensive
(ICF approved for ACSTH and/or CEUs)



Classes always sell out early. The last 24 (out of 25) classes sold out with a waiting list - literally.
Typically, classes sell out with a waiting list so reserve NOW to guarantee your spot for March 2019. (not a marketing gimmick)

Please contact me as soon as possible to make your reservation.
Early registrants receive one month free in the 'Mentor Practicum Group' ($125 value) following the 12–week program.
A deposit of $250 (physical check only) is required to reserve your spot. Deposits are refundable up until 30 days prior to start of program. Deposits become non-refundable within 30 days of the start date.


The price for the entire package is $3,200 at the start (check or credit card) OR it can be paid out in installments: $1030 (3 payments) or $635 (5 payments). This includes both the skills and training as well as the group practicum and all materials.

One Payment = $3,200     3 Payments ($1125 each)    5 Payments ($680 each)

OR 3 Payment Plan ($1125 every 30 days)

OR 5 Payment Plan ($680 every 14 days)

If you have some training and simply want more confidence and practice, please read more about "The Practicum"

"Compared to other programs I have sampled, yours was very different…It was what I call real time coaching, the combination of describing the process and 'putting names to what we were doing' and then actually coaching real situations progressively using what we learned…the real time coaching is actively participating as a coach and getting immediate feedback about what worked and what we missed which was always helpful. The case studies from your experience were also very instructive showing us the diverse issues clients bring to the call. You created a very safe environment in which to stumble, be clumsy, and get stuck, and I never felt judged.

"What has been invaluable is Marion's ability to assist me to see beyond the 'presenting' issue, to navigate the client beyond the obvious and the strategizing. Her approach (which I love) is getting to the core or real bottom line where real, permanent change takes place.

"I've read many books about coaching but none of them gave me the 'how to' the way you have. Many thanks," Joyce Gertler

"The small teleclass format gave me the individual attention I needed, I didn't feel lost in a sea of other callers. I can't believe that I actually started coaching my first clients within the first several weeks of your course. I must admit that 12 weeks ago I was not sure that I could be a coach, but after having completed your course I am confident that I can be a good coach and am excited to pursue further training and experience as I start my coaching career.

"You are a great teacher and mentor, and you have a great understanding of the foundations of coaching and your teaching methods fit the needs of the individual student, by providing written materials along with your interactive lessons, numerous client /situational examples, role playing exercises and assignments that challenged me to practice my new skills. You are an exemplary role model of what great coaching is all about and your enthusiasm in mentoring others is a great contribution to new coaches and to the development of the coaching profession." Patti C.

"After taking numerous coaching seminars and classes, I thought I knew what to do, but still not how to do it. Marion's class bridged the gap and tied it all together. Through a combination of education and practice in a safe enviornment I came away with the skills and confidence to coach. If you are looking to learn how to coach, this is the class for you. " Scott Lehmann

"I am getting much more out of this course than I thought I would. I wasn't totally convinced that I would know how to coach by the end of it, but we are only a few weeks into it, and I have to say I feel like I am on my way! I have already learned more than I ever have anywhere else. It's all starting to fall into place, and I feel so much more comfortable coaching now. I have my first real client call tonight, and I am actually looking forward to it instead of dreading it! Great job, Marion. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to learn how to coach." Karen Regan

"I sooo appreciate all the wonderful guidance and resources –– full, comprehensive service (not just resolving solutions). I really get a lot out of the classes and appreciate your organization and structured format –– and give and take –– very well balanced. In addition to skills and coaching conversations, you have consistently fed us with valuable resources –– that's what I mean by full, pertinent comprehensive services as a Mentor coach. You are motivational, and your boundaries, ethics, are consistently appropriate and of the highest order. You exemplify exactly what clean coaching is about (Thomas Leonard's expression). Great sense of humor. It shows you really love what you do and your enthusiasm is infectious. This has been a phenomenal learning experience. (You can give my 800 number out and I would be glad to reference your classes.)" Carole L.

"Just want you to know how grateful I am for all that I have learned in such a short time from your incredible teaching! You have been and will be my best and 'favorite' mentor. You are launching me into my next career. I thank you for that!" A.L.Glass, Corporate Coach

"I took Marion's course 2 years ago, and I still tell everyone it was the smartest thing I ever did as a coach. Marion has many years of experience as a teacher and you can certainly tell. She tells you what you need to hear and in a very gentle way. She is respectful of everyone and uses everything as an opportunity to learn. She has incredible patience and her methods are solid." Jennifer Quade, Business and Life Coach

Mentor Coaching Practice – "The Practicum":

"The Practicum" will meet one hour per week with a group of up to 8 participants. This course is being offered in conjunction with mentor "Learn How to Coach" OR as a separate course for those who have already learned methodology, skills, and theory.